The World R:X (Revision X) was a sequel to The World R:2 released in the year 2020. It is the game played by the characters of .hack//LINK and Quantum. R:X is mainly a handheld version of The World that runs on P-COM a portable computers utilizing an M3D headset and other forms of hardware later o . Like its predecessors, it incorporates a Guild system. With much of the game's settings borrowing from a combination of The World R:1 and R:2

Original Copy

The original copy of The World R:X, appears as a black disc authored by Jyotaro Amagi, it is first delivered to Saika Amagi by Geist and also stories a special computer program when paired with a P-Com is capable of emitting a specific wavelength of light able transform solid matter into particles of light, and then receive as it PC data. Using this a special human known as Doubleware whose genetics allow them to sychronize well with data such as Tokio Kuryuu and are able to enter The World physically. In secret Jyotaro Amagis's original copy of the game contains an additional program intended for a specfic use against Aura.


Sakuya's Gaming Setup

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