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The World R:2 (Revision 2) (ザ・ワールド 「リビヅョソ2」, Za Waarudo [Ribijyon2]) is the successor to The World. In 2015, a fire destroyed most of The World's game data, so CC Corp quickly began work on a replacement. By splicing together the remaining data from The World with another game they were working on, they created R:2. It was released on Christmas Eve, 2015. However, fans of The World disliked the change as they were unable to transfer their character data to The World R:2, and many referred to the launch as "Goddess's Death". Despite this, the game goes on to sell 12 million copies by the time of the events of the G.U. Games, though still failing compared to its predecessor's 20 million copies sold.

Game World

R:2 has a much more in-depth background story for the players, which takes place about a hundred years after the background story of The World. Much of the world of R:2 uses steam as a form of power, creating a steampunk fantasy setting. Many more races are present within the game, including humans and beasts, who are divided into three different Factions.



Adept Rogue

Twin Blade

Edge Punisher

Blade Brandier

Flick Reaper

Macabre Dancer

Harvest Cleric

Shadow Warlock

Tribal Grappler

Lord Partizan

Steam Gunner







It was later followed by one or more sequels, including The World R:X.


  • According to CyberConnect 2's homepage, the "other game" spliced in is King Crimson, a fictional online game that was the original setting for their "G.U." game. When it was decided to make G.U. into a .hack game, King Crimson was incorporated into The World R:2.
  • In the year 2018, The World R:2 service suddenly ends.
  • When loading up The World R:2 in Rebirth it shows that it is loading 64332711 M BYTES. If we are to assume that this is Megabytes then The World is roughly 64.33 Terabytes. On the other hand if it stands for Mebibytes then it is roughly 67.46 Terabytes
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