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The Phoenix Feather (不死鳥の羽) is the third episode of .hack//Legend of the Twilight.


Hotaru and Sanjuro begin speaking at the start of the episode, and as a joke Sanjuro fishes out Silver Knight's helmet and throws it back into the water. Then Hotaru meets Puchi and Puchi says she'll be out of town as an excuse to have Hotaru cure it. Shugo is randomly asked by Hotaru to help her cure the Grunty since she is new to The World.

For some reason, they come across Komiyan III, who hesitantly identifies Shugo and Rena. Komiyan stares pervertedly at Rena having Shugo defend her. But Rena knows that Shugo also looks pervertedly at her and logs out affended.


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