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The Creator's Room, damaged by Morganna Mode Gone.

The Creator's Room (創造主の部屋, Sōzōshu no Heya) is a mysterious, blank white room existing within The World and The World R:2, with a wooden chair in the center. Its precise purpose is unknown, but it has been revealed to be a both a Lost Ground and one of Harald's Rooms.

The World R:2 Official Story

This room's role in the official storyline, if any, remains unknown. Because it cannot be monitored from the Serpent of Lore, it seems unlikely CyberConnect would have felt the need to devise an explanation.

Epitaph of the Twilight

This room's role, if any, in the Epitaph, remains unknown. Unlike the other Lost Grounds, however, this may not be an area from the Epitaph.

The Creator's Room as seen in G.U., damaged by Tri-Edge. Aina sits on the chair.


.hack Games/.hack//Another Birth

Orca of the Azure Sea, in his search for the truth behind the odd occurrences within The World, was the first known player to discover the Creator's Room, at the bottom of the dungeon at Δ Lonely Silent Great Seal. Kite and BlackRose, trying to acertain Orca's fate, visited this area after learning about it from Linda. There they discovered a room that had been eaten away. All that remained was part of a chair and Epitaph ?, a corrupted fragment of the Epitaph of Twilight that had been rendered completely unreadable.


.hack//G.U. Games

The disappearance of Aura and the onset of the AIDA caused distortions within The World R:2. These distortions opened up another path to the Creator's Room, via an Outer Dungeon connecting it to Σ Immersed Crime's Paraphrase. Aina accidentally discovered this path and brought her brother Ovan there. It is unknown whether the room was repaired or if this was simply a mirror of the room that Kite saw, but it was in better condition when Aina discovered it, filled with countless books, one of which contained the entire existing text of the Epitaph of Twilight. However, this was also one of the first areas in The World discovered by AIDA, and the first known place that AIDA<Tri-Edge> emerged. It attempted to attack Aina, but instead infected Ovan, who transformed her into a Lost One and carved the first Sign onto the room, separating the chair from the rest of the ground. Haseo eventually confronted Ovan here, destroying Corbenik and allowing him to release his "Rebirth" ability throughout the Internet, destroying most of the AIDA.