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"There's an order that The World desires, then there's the order that you desire. Which one should it take, Balmung?"

Helba (ヘルバ) is an infamous hacker that appears throughout the .hack series. The mysterious, seemingly all-knowing Helba plays an important role in multiple .hack series, occasionally supplying information to those she deems worthy. Her motives and intentions are well-guarded secrets, and little is known about her aside from her knowledge of the Epitaph of Twilight and her role as caretaker of Net Slum. <<More...>>

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"There are two types of players in The World: those who like it, and those who don't. Eventually, both kinds quit, only those who don't like it quit a lot sooner than those who do."
— Rumor —

.hack//AI buster 2 is a compilation of several stories that take place in different times in the .hack timeline. The stories included in it help fill in information that was missing other places of the series, and help develop several side characters such as Kamui, Hokuto, and Hotaru...<<More...>>

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