"Yes, here's hoping for the best."
— Tarou —

Tarou (太郎) is a newbie to The World who appears in .hack//Another Birth. He is an American accessing the Japanese server.



BlackRose describes Tarou as a tall, slender, white-haired Twin Blade wearing a pitch-black ninja uniform.


Tarou is an American that has come to the JP server of The World, lending to his slightly stilted and formal speech. He also doesn't grasp the full dangers of broken graphics in The World, thinking that an area with broken graphics will have great items. This shows that, like his friend Chimney, he is not exactly the type to think things through.


.hack//Another Birth

BlackRose is introduced to Tarou by Chimney at a time when Chimney and NOVA are having a feud. The three travel to a low-level area, Δ Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field, to teach Tarou the basics of The World. At the end of the dungeon, Tarou receives a Sprite Ocarina from the Gott Statue chest.

In their second adventure together, Tarou, Chimney and BlackRose head to Δ Bottomless Fated Judgment and encounter a Data Bug. Although BlackRose is aware of the danger, Chimney is determined to defeat the Data Bug. Tarou offers to stay and join the battle, but eventually relents after BlackRose orders him to leave the battlefield and gate out to the Root Town.

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