Kula here. I don't see why we should call it it's current name (Can't make that certain a symbol; too lazy to check charmap). I mean, it's easier keeping it as ".hack//Fragment". The name is still the same, only spelled slightly different. Hell, if we were going for the exact name, we'd need to somehow reverse the "a" as shown on the cover and I don't think there is a character for that.

Well, .hack//Fragment still forwards here, so I don't see any issue with the actual article having the right name. This is the closest you can get with unicode, though if you really hate the umlaut we could take it out. At the very least though it should be all lowercase, since the f is never capitalized, and that's also a good way to distinguish it from Fragment. - Kuukai2 03:45, 18 July 2006 (UTC)

I'm upset that it hasn't been released in the UK yet. Fidchell

It didn't go off good in Japan and it probably won't come anywhere else. And I SECOND The whole Name thing! Also I took a section out that didn't have anything in it. I hope you didn't mind kula. I thought it kinda looked tacky -- Coolkid602006 01:54, 19 September 2006 (UTC)
SORRY ABOUT THE LENGTH! This would have been so good if only they did a little more with the character creation and kinda made it like the .hack// offline games except online. Like you log in kinda like a the beginning of .hack//GU Rebirth and once you log in you would be seeing a ROOT town and everything. This game would be extremely good if they fixed all the bad things they did with it and made FRAGMENT V.2! All I can say is that I know that CC Corp is busy fininshing the .hack//GU series or have finished it or are working on other games but if like maybe acouple of years later they could do it. And if they create FRAGMENT V.2 and it did very well in Japan and decided to bring it to America I know I will buy it in a heartbeat. And again I am sorry about the length. User: Bleu Draegen


What is the significance of the date 1/18/2007 on http://www.hack.channel.or.jp/fragment/online01.html?

http://www.hack.channel.or.jp/fragment/images/online/online01_04.jpg http://www.hack.channel.or.jp/fragment/images/online/online01_05.jpg

MirageAtoli 23:31, 11 April 2007 (UTC)

That's when online play ended, apparently much after the original deadline they warned about. - Kuukai2 00:15, 12 April 2007 (UTC)


For trivia on one of the Liminality's extra section it has a conversation between BT and I think a Knight with what looked like a small footage of fragment. Plz look up or I'll eventually get around to it.

EDIT - I belive I saw that too.

i'm sure that was just gameplay of the main games, with the "enter three words" replaced with a low tech "enter ten letters" that looked like small stones or tablets.

Shugo and Rena

Enzeru here. (Sorry, Kula.) I know where you could get a pic of Shugo and Rena in .hack//fragment.

  • 1. Go to gametrailers.com.
  • 2. Type in .hack.
  • 3. Search for the trailer saying "fragment".
  • 4. Download it in the Windows version (the download will go faster if you watch the whole trailer first).
  • 5. Add it to your Windows Movie Maker collection.
  • 6. Watch the video and PAUSE it when you see Shugo and Rena.
  • 7. Click the camera button, save the pic, upload it to this Wiki, add it to their pages or the .hack//fragment page and you're good to go.
So what the hell does this have to do with anything? Kulaguy 01:31, 18 April 2007 (UTC)

It would act as a good refernce to those who would like to see what they were like in .hack//fragment.


Not sure if this would fit here or not, but what would be the "sizes" thing? Is it like... Wiseman vs Tsukasa vs Mistral kinds of Wavemasters? If that's the case, what are notable examples of class sizes (meaning, like the examples I gave?). Just curious. --DameGreyWulf 22:37, 1 June 2008 (UTC)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ue62hrqHg-M Kulaguy 01:13, 2 June 2008 (UTC)
Ah.. the video doesn't tell me much.. I don't speak Japanese, and I'm rather dense, obviously XD;; But... it looks like something not related to different - as Mimiru put it - "elite character types"? --DameGreyWulf 20:16, 6 June 2008 (UTC)
All it means is you can change the height/weight of a character model. You can make a Kite model tall, short, skinny, fat, or average. You can do the same with a Balmung model or any other character models in the game. Kulaguy 23:11, 6 June 2008 (UTC)
Ah, I see. Thank you, especially for the patience lol --DameGreyWulf 04:15, 8 June 2008 (UTC)


Someone mind expanding the Story section with a little more detail? The article just says that "the Games's plotline is remade for frägment's offline story." What's that mean, exactly? That you replay IMOQ using your frägment player character instead of Kite? Does it still have cutscenes? Does your personal PC replace Kite? --Twilight Duality 23:48, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

From what I understand its exactly how your imagining it. The character you create for the game becomes the one used in the main story. Most of it is still in text and there are no cut scenes I have heard of. Maybe its better to say the cut scenes in it are similar to when you first met Mistral, Natsume, Gardenia ect... There may be additional stuff however as you can guess either no one has caught it or its simply not listed. Outlaw630 02:14, 31 December 2008 (UTC)


So, the SIGN characters are all listed, but in the game all the original IMOQ characters are in the game, not just Mia, Elk, Kite, Blackrose and Balmung. Actually, the only character I know of that has been excluded were minor characters like A-20 or Sieg, but you cant make your pc like them. 02:28, January 21, 2011 (UTC) MJG

Not everyone has the game so, there is a lack information on it. I'm guessing what we currently have comes from the main site. I'll add a few names but work really should come from the people who know about information. Your welcome to sign up though, just cite a source if someone tries to revert it. Outlaw630 22:57, January 22, 2011 (UTC)

US Release

I wish this was release in the US so I could play it, even if it's only offline.Akay4 22:07, March 20, 2012 (UTC)``

Page Bans

community:Help:Assuming_good_faith#Handling_disagreements Instead of banning every single person we disagree with, let's talk about this properly on the talk page. The Twilight Planner that is being used as a source is correct, but the interpretation of it on this Wiki is not. The planner lists every piece of .hack//media in timeline order and gives all of them a number so that there is a numbered list to go through if people wish to experience everything in CC2's order. The only piece of media that is not given a number is Fragment, which instead of a number is listed as "ANOTHER", a term sometimes used for multimedia in Japan to denote something that takes place either outside of the canon universe or containing what-if scenarios. That is to say, CC2 themselves consider the manga, light novel retellings of the games canon, but specifically went out of their way to say that Fragment does not fit anywhere in the timeline in the Twilight Planner. The idea of non-canon in .hack is not a fan invention, fragment is a celebration of R1 and not intended to be consumed as canon media. Eatmyjorts42069 (talk) 18:18, 24 December 2021 (UTC)

Right except that's not really much a say at all and large misnomer while two out of three caught (and likely the third as well) are the same individual in the first place, which I've kinda known since they first signed up. And are all performing the same action and (even under the hypothetical of not being the same person) are all in the middle of re-posting a type of link which I already said and established the site is not going to yet do (though left an indirect one for consideration) and that the person knew was a no go in the first place as they then attempt revert other content on top of that, as one would then have to debate with someone who doesn't really care for this particluar community to begin with and through many past experiences I already have had to deal that persons various forms of indirect and hard to catch trolling elsewhere before and am in no mood, or am even unstressed enough to bother with the many micro nuances of to enjoy currently, and of which even on principle, stills feels unwise to offer too much to at all times anyway, given the type of experiences that they normally add up to anyhow, in a scenerio where there are always going to only offer in return some type of tension between our two parties in some way anyway, and of which the latter has never really offered much to fair courtesies anyhow and likes to davel between lines cloak and bait while other alternatives taken exist as better form of conflict resolution to handle that situation begin with.

And while there are times where I wonder and ponder, seek advice and go back and fourth on decisions here or there. Other times it is, more, appropriate to be a bit more on it to start with. And catch that bad faith between those line. Rather than go through the various additional path that it also secretly entails, as I'm not going to, always, bother with everyone who acts a certain way, and behind the scenes does something they know is wrong. No, that's just for the people I can form the confidence in, that it's the right choice for in the first place and from what other understandings of them that I can figure and work with from there. Which only applies if I think its possible to work them. Which as they are currently trying to argue with an admin about a policy the site was in the middling of preparing to implement but was put on hold until a future project I share a low confidence for those who trying to keep that link up there that the former would be the right choice anyway.

As in my opinion the true essence of the edit war, as well as the blocks, are from a focus of people, (which by the way seems to be there only purpose for being here aside from that type of subtle trolling, as they've never shown an interest in attending to anything else) continuing to , despite an admin's of all things decision on the matter, reverting to and linking to some sort of self promoting, possibly illegal or leading illegal to market content similar the other links that got removed and of which several months ago was finally mostly cleared from the site during the massive 2000 plus general page update that was done as general checkup everything on the site that needed to be done both in preparation for the resource project, as well as some general recommendations I receieved over links themselves and other work for building more a solid foundation of content which is to one day be placed and worked on in the future, and as I can read people too, something which the users were going to continue to (and did) engage in the edit war on anyway. And of which I really am not in the mood for. (As we already fight with each other all the time on just about everything anyway in anyway and anyhow)

As at heart its not really even a debate about the continuity. But instead the individual being frustrated that their link was removed in the first place and just wanting somewhere to promote their personal server, even though those things aren't being allowed right now and they know, then trolling and attempting to sneak it back via edits and start a fight over the desire for that inclusion while they're using the other stuff coming inbetween as a type bridging counter argument them stick by a link that doesn't belong in first place and of which no they had no business putting back yet ontop of that as that second looking hadn't been made yet and don't feel like playing games with nor is a legitimate reason to be making two to three, fourth accounts for in order to undo and getting more criticism than normal because I haven't the time nor intend to make too much time to play around and bother with it this time around because of the excess energy it takes it to begin with.

(And also somewhat feel there isn't that much of we for the side of the fanbase that complains about everything here but doesn't really come here to contribute actually in the first place, though there is a plan for fixing that.)

But furthermore continuing from there, and back into fragment itself while the argument above is working from the idea that the page is using the term ANOTHER, that in my opinion is actually operating with a bit slight of hand within that specific argument and somwhat incorrect in it's own fashion, given that phrase being used on the page is, actually "Another World" (of which is also being cross referenced to Fragment as a Parallel World within a different source) and is separate term on that same page beneath the one you are actually talking about, where that exists as a more accurate and direct qoute in katakana within the description of Fragment for that world existing as a type time axis for another world

PlayStatione2で発売された「hack」シリーズ初のオンラインゲーム。 「The World」のプロトタイプ「fragment」の名を冠し、どの時間軸にも属さないアナザーワールドを開台としている。 オンラインでは3人で全国のプレイヤーとパーティーを組み冒険を楽しむことができる。 オフラインモードでは「.hack //シリーズに登場するキャラクターと共に、IFストーリーが楽しめのる。

as well an IF Story, but not the type of arbitrary threading that the fanbase and even the wiki itself relayed on previously, where in which connectivity is based a weak spot check of what we presume to know about what's happening in the series (which is one of the reasons some consider it a fan invention) but was (and is still whenever others incorrectly use it today) actually derived from being too picky about whatever micro elements that could found between the connecting medias but hadn't considered the unanswered background information that existed within it, or the vast inventive potential that the series had room to take, or and even how the creators themself were treating the continuity and of which both Hamazaki and another admin here attenpt to prepare us about which is way different than the top down idealogy we often often relay on today due to changes that happened later on but in retrospective were always there from the beginning, and is not something that ourselves fanbase itself controls or has been in tune with in general, or even using the terminology (parallel) and applications the series itself content relies on such as through entire simulated realities [or anything in the akasha board (which swings both ways as they living records and logs), how many of the writes themselves have viewed and explained the series (such as hamazami [not real or fake, parallel] [neither correct nor incorrect, orginal story boards], hiroshi and a few of the writers for link), or the unconscious manpulation of the world on grand scale (something which most of you guys haven't even come across yet [and is currently related to the last story in the timeline), blanketing background scenarios, and recons,( how older media did and new media today do and of which despite being drastically retellings include something we are supposed to consider to have happened in the main continuity [and which even G.U. Begins is preparing to do once more]) and the inclusion even more if works (such as Omega Bst) of which we have no guarantee won't occur in the story like last time anyway via whatsoever it just happens occur in, be it in the form of more simulated realities, a multiverse, a recon to prepare for something else that they want to do in the future (such as connecting something we previous thought of as unconnectable as now connected), an AI born from a the world's memory matching the origins of the originals but because of the time period it was born then evolves to adapts new menories of it own and so on and so on. All of which is so much of gamble to begin with and all while there is already an existing precedence that most people still don't understand or want to accept which includes about the entire timeline anyhow from multiple angles and as of which because it is, as it is the wiki is yes without looking back going to take that the first step in detailing that direction whilst being more literal start with, where in which best middle ground to consider it Another World IF Story. But only that. And is the last conversation I tempory intend to offer on it.

Treasure Hacker  07:24, 27 December 2021 (UTC)

I am going to address each point in order:

  • This account belongs to Alkalime. None of the other accounts belong to me, one of the accounts that was blocked is someone who is prevalent in the .hack community, which you would know if at any point you had thought to reach out to anyone who was involved in editing this page in the past few days instead of blanket banning anyone who makes an edit.
  • You had not established that this link was not allowed (and, in fact, it was on the article for years!) until it was removed without discussion, your initial edit in May said you might add the link back later but now it is December, there was no explanation as to why it was removed other than "marketplace content" (there is no marketplace on netslum?) and "self-promotion" (I own the lobby server and I didn't add it to the article, so how was this self-promotion?). Nothing on the Netslum website is illegal and I have been desperately trying to keep it that way. Discussion of piracy is banned on the BBS and Discord, no link-sharing at all. I don't want to get in trouble with the law or Bandai Namco so I am vigilant about this.
  • I have never trolled this website or you before to my knowledge? I don't even tend to troll people, I don't know what this bit means honestly. If anything it seems like you have a personal problem with me which, again, should not be taken into account when moderating page edits on the Wiki.
  • The game is definitively non-canon. Have you played Fragment? It is nothing to do with universe threading like the Manga, Light Novels, Games, etc, which tell the same story. The story and actions in the game are impossible and do not work within any timeline. There is no timeline in which the game's story can happen and then G.U. happens. In fact, the game's story doesn't even include the Phase fights or Morganna or any of the important plot points. If you wish to verify this there is an English language patch for the game now freely available for anyone with a disc copy of the game to use (Specifically, I was adamant that the patch was created to only be applicable to people with a clean fragment disc image ripped from their own physical disc because, once again, I don't allow piracy). Furthermore, LINK doesn't even reference it once! Why would it need to? It's named after something in-universe but has nothing to do with that thing whatsoever!
  • Multiple people in the .hack community (including myself and two others) have reverted your change regarding canonicity (Pellapyra even reverted it and removed the Netslum link!). I even attempted to contact you back in May on the Dothack Network discord server after your initial change and there was no reply. Yet still you refuse to give way despite the community feeling that your edits to the article are incorrect in this regard. You are doing bad by the community by executing administrative powers over multiple members of the community that you disagree with, who think that this article would be better off reverted (also unnameddau cleaned up a bunch of the wording and that was blanket reverted too).

If you refuse to allow the community to have any further say in this matter I will be reaching out to fandom staff and they can decide. Eatmyjorts42069 (talk) 15:55, 27 December 2021 (UTC) (P.S. "Another World IF Story" literally means "this didn't happen in canon")

recent changes (recent changes discussion for recent changes)

Hi, Shappuri Agemasu here. Needless to say, I wholeheartedly support your recent administrative decisions. FAN MADE disreputable 'MOD SERVERS' have no business being on the OFFICIAL WIKI. There is NO WAY to verify the safety and security of these servers and referring people to REVERSE ENGINEERING HACKERS is wholly irresponsible behavior for a fandom.com wiki and I am sure violates probably ten million rules.

There is no debate among serious fans as to the canonicity of .hack fragment, everybody with half a brain knows that it is a large sized fan service IF Story that takes place in ANOTHER/PARALLEL world, this is an uncontroversial statement of fact that is easily verified by even the most cursory glance at the available sources.

However, the grammar of the recent edits is somewhat lacking, and it's a disservice to your otherwise sterling administration to leave glaring mistakes on a locked page. I hope you can take the time to rectify this.

Kind Regards,

Shappuri Agemasu.

New page banner

Hello, the new banner at the top of the page is not applicable to Fragment and doesn't fit the article. Fragment is not a work in progress and it will never be officially localised to English as it was only intended to run for the time that it officially ran for in 2005-2006, and so doesn't need regular updates. Alkalime (talk) 19:19, 26 January 2022 (UTC)

The application is fine. The update banner is basically for anything not released in english officially, of which fragment currently is so, additionally the page itself could also still use some work and may so later on, but that itself will also have to wait a little longer until something else is over, meanwhile in between then the cleanup tag is moreso for regular content only anyways but the update tag is supposed to simultaneously serve as a replacement for anyhow and of which additionally the update banner is very applicable for regardless. Additionally beyond that banner isn't that new, and serves multiple purposes, the two get mixed all the time and the parts that apply to the article itself are the "work in progress" and "requires general cleanup".

Treasure Hacker 06:10, 6 March 2022 (UTC)