Take! (タケ!) also known as Takefu Yuuki (有城 武生) and Sora Yuuki's Grandfather in .hack//Beyond The World.



Take! looks like an atractive middle aged man with dark short hair and a lock beard. He wears a chocker with a medallion on his neck and clothes that give him a pirate look.


As far as shown, Take!´s personality inside The World doesn´t seem to differ much from the one in real life. He mantains a solemn and aloof facade, but every once in a while he lets out a little of his goofiness.





Due to the death of his wife, Takefu started feeling lonely, eventualy forming a bond with his neightbour, Kamachi Yuuka.

For unknown reasons, Yuuka decided to move to Osaka, leaving behind a heart-torned Takefu.

Despite his usual disdain for technology, Takefu decided to stard playing The World as a means to keep seeing Yuuka, and even ended up adquiring a flying ship while playing. But given his reputation with his family, Takefu decided to keep this a secret and even pretended to be meditating when his granddaughter almost discovered him.

One day, when the new FMD was released, Takefu went to the city to buy it. While there, he was discovered by Tomohiko and Tanaka to whom he asked to mantain his secret, but this was impossible since Tomohiko had already called Sora.

When Tanaka fell comatose, Take!, alongside his fellow players, helped Kite get to the Godess Statue.

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