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- The news flash . Scoop of hack latest work.

- Feature. Hack//G.U. TRILOGY thoroughness anatomy

   It approaches the image work and the charm of .hack first series. 
   ・Story Digest
   ・Return of the Parody Mode
   ・TRILOGY SPECIAL TALK [yamamotoazusa] × Shin [ukore] Sawa

- Special appendix

   The founder, G.U, the famous piece of music of the series, and the arrangement version
   13 all collection
   .Hack series sound track SP


Masumi Asano:The direct hit report as for Hakata.

 - Masumi Asano In cyber and connection two
 - Staff comment
 - CyberConnect2 Explorer

The charm of The World is not only in the image. Music all one's energy feature.

 - Original Sound Track
 - LieN Interview
 - .Hack series sound track SP

A new series of the comic departure has been analyzed.

 - .Knight mass at hack//LINK dusk

Drawing wholesale comic to enjoy TRILOGY further

 - .Knight mass extra chapter at hack//LINK dusk
     Cartoon: [Yorokohisashi] shop glasses
 - .Hack//G.U . [Odeden]
     Cartoon: A certain relieved [na]
 - [Hasewo] and Shino's first experience ♥
     Cartoon: Fuji straw bright red
 - .Hack//G.U . + [nosusume]
     Cartoon: Morita [yuzuhana]
 - Fragment of [sekai]
     Cartoon: [I] ..[yosu] it..
 - Ina ♥ laughingly.
     Cartoon: [I] ..[yosu] it..
 - Chapter of TRILOGY comic syllabus
     Cartoon: Fountain field [rena]
 - Chapter of TRILOGY comic Ina
     Cartoon: January Akira
 - Chapter of TRILOGY comic [gabi]
     Cartoon: Sumi homo
 - Chapter of TRILOGY comic kite
     Cartoon: Indian ink round [koichi]

Other Contents

 - .Hack net HAKATA
 - .hack TheMOVIE
 - Let's go with a blue lei.
   The beginner of the canard that comes back is relieved and the mass.
 - .It ..[piroshi].. moved at the [himoto] excrement of the history of hack.