"This place has fireworks? Is there anything The World doesn't have?"
— Shugo —

The Summer Fireworks Display (花火大会) was an event designed by System Administrator Reki in The World.


Held in the early evening, the event was a fireworks display over the city of Mac Anu.


.hack//Legend of the Twilight (Manga)

After being contacted by Hotaru about the event, Rena decided that everybody would come and watch it. Though Shugo had been planning on watching a science fiction show during the event, Rena was able to convince him to come along. The entire party gathered together on top of Mireille's hideout to watch the fireworks, but were surprised when it suddenly started to rain. Elsewhere in town Reki confronted System Administrator Balmung, accusing him of ruining his event. To his surprise Balmung told him he had nothing to do with it and that it was probably "Her" doing. Without warning the background music changed, replaced with the voice of a singing girl. Entranced by the music, Shugo began to follow it. He eventually reached a small balcony, where he encountered a small girl with saffron colored hair singing. The girl was Zefie, a powerful Wandering A.I. who had used her powers to create the rain.


  • Though the event occurred at 8:00 PM Japanese Time, Hotaru was forced to wake up early to see it, since she lives in the United States.
  • This event was one of the few events created by Reki.
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