"The time that we shared in The World... Was the happiest time for Tsukasa and me...."
— Subaru —

Subaru (昴, Subaru) is a character in .hack//LINK. She was the founder and leader of the Crimson Knights.



Subaru is a small blue haired woman with an ax. She wears a light dress with an exposed midriff. She has a red wave symbol located on her forehead along with a set of small wings spouting from her back. In the manga, Subaru looks exactly as she did in SIGN, but in the game her skirt is shortened and she now wears leggings and wing-shaped hair accessories.


Subaru is a kind and concerned player who does her best to help others when she can and inspires those around her. She strongly trusts in her friends and does everything in her power to help them no matter what the danger.


Basic Info


Subaru (Twilight Knights)

Subaru asking Tokio to save Tsukasa.

.hack//LINK Twilight Knights

While following the signal of Tsukasa's Chrono Core, Tokio encounters Subaru, collapsed in a forest clearing. She had tried to protect Tsukasa from Trommel, but he was too powerful and he succeeded in kidnapping Tsukasa. Subaru also tells Tokio about Tsukasa's personality reverting to before they became friends. Subaru pleads with Tokio to rescue Tsukasa and bring him back to the way he was. Before he departs, Subaru gives Tokio a feather ("the proof of a hero") as a good luck charm.

With the help of the Crimson Knights, Subaru is able to enter Trommel's castle and reunite with Tsukasa, whose memories are restored after Tokio defeats Trommel. When Tokio picks up the signal of another Chrono Core, Subaru gives Tsukasa a feather and tells him to help Tokio.



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