"Like my name is Lottel the Stray Grunty? I like, enjoy wandering around here so like, leave me alone ok?"
— Lottel —

Stray Grunties are Grunties who serve no master and are found only in the Root Town of Dun Loireag. Instead they wander around the city, occasionally stopping to pester people passing by. Unlike the other Grunties, which have a specific sentence ender, each Stray Grunty has its own personal catchphrase. For instance the Stray Grunty Lottel uses the word "like" constantly. Talking to them is usually pointless, yet they occasionally drop hints on how to raise Grunties on other servers.


  • Tsukasa was seen riding a Stray Grunty during .hack//SIGN; how he got it is unknown.
  • A stray grunty plushy was included with the LE Version of the first SIGN DVD.
  • A stray grunty is the memory card icon for .hack//INFECTION's save file data.
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