A Steam Gunner.

"They specialize in long-range attack and are weak against close encounters, but if necessary their guns can be used as powerful melee weapons which keep most enemies away."
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Steam Gunner (銃戦士, Jū Sen-shi) is a class in The World R:2. Steam Gunners use steam-powered bayonets developed by humans to attack.


Steam Gunners are the physical equivalent of Shadow Warlocks. Their shots are skills that operate exactly the same way spells do, but deal physical damage instead. Steam Gunners' shots have greater range than any other physical hit, and their physical attack stat has the fastest progression of any class (as of Rebirth). In exchange, their melee hits take the same penalty as those of the other "caster" classes in R:2 in that they lack any of the special types (i.e. "rapid attacks", "hold and release") that most classes have access to.


See Bayonets.

List of Skills

In The World R:2, unlike in its predecessor, skills are inherent to a class, not to a weapon. As a player raises his or her job level, he or she will gain access to new abilities.

  • Thorn Shot (刺突散弾): Target: Area, Normal, SP required: 15, Job Lv. 1
  • Thunder Spark (雷光閃弾): Target: Unit, Piercing, SP required: 22, Job Lv. 4
  • Plectra Bullet (撥球弾): Target: Area, Aerial, SP required: 18, Job Lv. 7
  • Tempest Blast (轟雷爆閃弾): Target: Area, Piercing, SP required: 40, Job Lv. 12
  • Sphere Bullet (烈球繰弾): Target: Area, Aerial, SP required: 36, Job Lv. 16
  • Dust Bullet (塵球至煉弾): Lv.3 Art, Target: Area, Aerial, SP required: 66*, Job Lv. 21

With each Steam Gunner job level after gaining this art, the required SP will drop as follows: 66,63,59,56,52,49,45,42,38,35.

Steam Gunners in G.U.

See Category:Steam Gunners.


  • Despite being the only class not renamed for the English release, the kanji for Steam Gunner meant something along the lines of "Gunman", not mentioning steam at all.
  • The skill Hyper Bullet was removed from the final release of the .hack//G.U. Games for unknown reasons.
  • Ovan is the only Steam Gunner who does not have the same skills after waking and is the only one who can use another weapon when merging with AIDA.

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