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Haseo with his Steam Bike.

"It is a steam-powered bike invented by humans. It is an extremely expensive item and just riding one of these would earn you jealous stares from the people in the town."
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Steam Bikes (蒸気バイク) are steam-powered motorcycles used by guild leaders and those rich enough to afford one in The World R:2. They offer a considerable boost in speed in both fields and Root Towns. However, Steam Bikes cannot be used in dungeons. Bikes have their own category in the Ryu Books.


Steam Bikes can be used to crash into monsters to deal damage, counting as a surprise attack when successful. They are also able to run over Lucky Animals and Chim Chims.

Bike Parts

Bike cust

A Steam Bike being customized.

Steam Bikes can be customized at the owner's guild's @home with additional parts to enhance their abilities. It is unknown where guildless bike owners go to do so. In the games, Bike Customization isn't available until the second volume because the feature was both under maintenance and also because Canard lacked a Bike shop until the second volume.

Some parts add special effects such as increased damage or simply changing the BGM during bike missions.



  • Steam Bikes are sometimes considered the R:2 equivalent to The World's Grunties, since Grunties still exist, but not in a rideable form.
  • Steam Bikes were not customizable in Rebirth but were in Reminisce and Redemption.
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