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"This is an alchemy device created by combining steam and crest technology. Just toss any item from old equipment to spare items in and the device will transform it into a different item. Although the device was first invented to transform scrap iron into gold, the types of items that can be transformed is now restricted by law since economists predicted it would wreak havoc on the economy."
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Steam Alchemy (蒸気錬成機) is a technology found in The World R:2, developed by humans. It is used within a guilds's @HOME to combine equipment of the same kind, giving them bonuses. It can not be used on equipment of Rarity 5, or on items already alchemized to +5.

As of volume 2, armor and accessories can also be alchemized, which increases an armor's defense value and an accessories elemental attributes. Also, members of a guild at rank 6 or above can perform Alchemy through warp points without having to travel back to their @HOME.

Simple Alchemy

Simple Alchemy is the normal type of alchemy, the type of alchemy that combines equipment of the same kind, strengthening them and giving them a + bonus on their names. +5 Equipment (the maximum level for simple alchemy) can be used as supplementary equipment, meaning they can be combined with other equipment of the same type. (dual swords, scythes, light armors, etc.)

Cheat Alchemy

A pair of Dual Swords being upgraded with Cheat Alchemy.

Cheat Alchemy is a type of Alchemy only available after Zelkova has moved Canard's @Home to the Netslum Tartarga. This type of Alchemy uses Cheat Codes (found in Data Anomalies throughout the game) to enhance equipment with a rarity of 5. However, it cannot be used on equipment that are already alchemized to +5 unless the equipment is already pre-alchemized with at least a +1. Cheat alchemized equipment will have a Cheat level of up to 5 next to their name. The amount of Cheat Codes used to upgrade an equipment depends on the equipment itself.