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The Spring of Myst is a location found in the field of an area.




When a weapon or a piece of armor is thrown into the Spring of Myst, a demon will appear (blue Monsieur or orange Grandpa) and ask if the player lost a Golden Axe or a Silver Axe. The player can then respond by choosing one of the following three options:

  • Neither
  • Golden Axe
  • Silver Axe

If Neither is selected, then the item will be upgraded (+1 or +2) or downgraded (-1) based on the weather conditions. However, if the item is rare or too high a level, then the demon will return the item in its current state along with both a Golden Axe and a Silver Axe.

If Golden Axe is selected, then the player will receive a Golden Axe.

If Silver Axe is selected, then the player will receive a Silver Axe.

Story area springs can never be re-used. Springs in other areas can only be re-used when the area no longer appears in the Warp History menu of the Chaos Gate.

Spring Demon Levels

Δ Delta Server

Monsieur Lv. 1 - Field Levels 1-12
Grandpa  Lv. 1 - Field Levels 13-19

Θ Theta Server

Monsieur Lv. 2 - Field Levels 16-24
Grandpa  Lv. 2 - Field Levels 25-30

Λ Lambda Server

Monsieur Lv. 3 - Field Levels 32-40
Grandpa  Lv. 3 - Field Levels 41-50

Σ Sigma Server

Monsieur Lv.
Grandpa Lv.

Ω Omega Server

Monsieur Lv.
Grandpa Lv.

Upgrade Factors

Field Condition Weapon Armor
Darkness (Element)
+2 -1
Cloudy +1 -1
Dusk / Dawn
+1 +1
Light (Element)
-1 +2


  • The Spring of Myst is a direct parallel to the Aesop fable "Mercury and the Woodman", which depicts a woodman (axe-wielding lumberjack) whose axe falls into a lake and performs a test of honesty with the god Mercury (aka Hermes). [1]


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