"She is a being who acts as a guidepost for this changing world. Like a great tree that continues to point towards the heavens while surrounded by frantic hustle and bustle."
— Helba —

Spoke (スポーク) is a mysterious character that appears in .hack//Legacy under Helba's tutelage.




Spoke seems to be a very absent minded person, having little to no understanding of human socialization and being easily impressed by the intricacies of japanese language (e.g.: the usage of "boku" as a masculine way of saying "I").



Spoke finds Kite and BlackRose while on their last mission to eliminate the final Data Bug. She eventually joins their party, helping save BlackRose during the fight. She demonstrates to have some degree of interest in Kite´s bracelet.

Afterwards she joins Helba and Lios, reporting on the actions of both Kite and BlackRose.


  • It is hinted that Spoke may not be human, and in fact might be an AI.
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