Soul Digitalize

Soul Digitalize (ソウルデジタライズ【そうるでじたらいず】) is the technology connected to both the natural phenomenon and artificial digitalization of only the human consciousness also known as the soul as well as its subsequent transfer and reproduction of in cyberspace, usually operated through a the use of quantum computer, such as with The Digital Bastille which while separating the mind from the body simultaneously uses the brain as a biocomputer and convert synaptic connections inside the brain into mathmatic interactions as a way to continue powering itself, and or Morganna who while suppressing an individuals positive emotions is able trap users in the game.

It is also the midpoint of Real Digitalization and is currently being research by Cyber Connect via their work alongside mama, with the technology itself being investigated by NAB. After being digitalized a person becomes a non returner however whether a person can act in cyberspace becomes another issue. Via later technology its speculated that it may be possible to burn the digitally preserved soul onto a new body with the same genes.

Natural Unreturners

Coma Victims

  • Ann Shoji
  • Alph
  • Junka Nimura
  • Fumikazu Hayami
  • Tomonari Kasumi
  • Yasuhiko

AIDA Victims

  • Aina Indou
  • Chika Kuramoto
  • Shino Nanao

Artificial Unreturners

  • Touha Tanagami
  • Eri Etou
  • Naoya Sakai
  • Tatsumi Hori

Schicksal PC

  • Ryuji Sogabe
  • Nomura Kaname
  • Lilie Weiss
  • Koharu Nene
  • Ninomiya Takeshi
  • Yoda Maseo
  • Toramaru Shin
  • Yuri Kaczynski Seto
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