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"This is my message... nose to the grindstone!"
— Sophora —

Sophora (槐) is the Captain of Moon Tree's Sixth Division, the Healing Corps.



Sophora's face.


Moon Tree's Division Six Captain is a tall character with a nearly androgynous appearance. Sophora has a ninja-like appearance fitting of the twin blade class, and is covered by a thief-like black and blue outfit, with a belt of beads around the waist. Sophora almost always wears a large face-covering black hat. Underneath the hat, Sophora has a feline appearance, with chilling blue fur and cat-like ears. Sophora's right eye is almost always covered by hair. An Adept Rogue, Sophora has both a Twin Blade and a Harvest Cleric form.


As the leader of Moon Tree's black ops division Sophora is called upon to deal with any problems Moon Tree faces. Fiercely loyal to Sakaki, Sophora carries out missions with deadly precision. A person of few words, few people have ever heard Sophora speak.


Basic Info


Yuasa, the player behind Sophora.

Sophora's player is a teenage girl whose last name is Yuasa. She lived in Sapporo, Hokkaido and attended high school with Chika Kuramoto who she admired and tried to imitate. Sophora is her second character, one she created after abandoning her first character Nanase.



Sophora appears briefly at the beginning of Alcor, reminiscing about the time spent in Canard as Nanase.

.hack//G.U. Games

Despite being called Medics, Sophora's squadron is actually a black ops ninja team that specializes in PKing and other activities. Sophora first meets Haseo when he meets with the Seven Counsel during the AIDA Server Incident. Much later, when Sakaki uses the power of Innis's Mirage ability to turn Moon Tree's @Home into a new AIDA Server Sophora leads Unit Six into combat against Zelkova and Kaede's supporters. When Haseo, Endrance, and Kuhn enter the @Home, Sophora launches a sneak attack against them. Despite catching Haseo and his friends by surprise, Sophora's unit is defeated. Fading away, Sophora speaks for the very first time, simply stating "I've failed" before temporarily turning into a Lost One.

Much later, after receiving an e-mail from Zelkova, Sophora returns and helps battle Cubia's Gomoras with the help of Matsu, Kaede, and Hiiragi. Together, they defend Haseo as he enters an Outer Dungeon from Morrigu Barrow Wall. It is unknown what happened to Sophora after this.


Sophra makes a minor Cameo at the festival standing next to Hiiragi and near other non-speaking characters. This also marks one of the rare times Sophra is seen without a hat on.


  • Sophora is 5'9" in height.
  • Sophora's name in the Japanese version of the game was Enju which, like Sophora, means "pagoda tree."
  • Sophora's Dual Swords, Binding Chord are actually a cheat version bought through Real Money Trading. Players PKed with them have their IDs reset, and cannot login for a set period of time. The weapon itself is a level 82 Twin Blade weapon, equipped with Paralysis Attack and Critical +10%.
  • Sophora's English voice actress (Lia Sargent) also voices Natsume and Aura.
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