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"You... I'll see you again soon..."
— Smile —

Smile (スマイル) is a PKer in The World R:2. He makes a brief appearance in .hack//Roots.



Smile is an Edge Punisher. His most noticeable feature is the large smiley-face helmet he wears at all times.


Smile is a fearsome PKer. He has several players as part of his PKing group, and is one to hold grudges, especially against anybody who has PKKed him.


Basic Info

No information is known about Smile's player.



Smile appears in the episode Trial. After being PKKed by Haseo, the Terror of Death, Smile went looking for a way to get his revenge. He got his chance after he was contacted by Bordeaux to attack Haseo, along with many other powerful PKers. After luring Haseo to a field with information about Tri-Edge, Smile led the attack against the powerful PKK, along with a hundred other PKers. Despite overwhelming numbers, Haseo was able to survive the battle, defeating Smile once again.

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