Al Fadel

The Six Ringing Peaks of Al Fadel (六鳴山アル・ファデル, Roku Naruyama Aru Faderu), located at Θ Hidden Forbidden Virgin Peaks, are one of the Lost Grounds.

The World R:2 History

Al Fadel is the top of the highest mountain in the world. It is said that anyone who climbs its forbidden heights will learn the truth of the world.

Epitaph of Twilight

The role of Al Fadel in the Epitaph of Twilight is unknown.


G.U. Novels

Ovan, trying to convince Kuhn to leave Project G.U. and join him, brings him to Al Fadel. Here, Kuhn looks into a hole in the clouds which surround the pinnacle, and sees the whole of The World, surrounded by Morrigu Barrow Wall. After recovering from the painful sensory overload of this vision, Kuhn agrees to follow Ovan.


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