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"Do you know what happens when you spread wasabi on a cat's butt? Oink."
— Sila Grunty —

Originally, Sila Grunty was the resident grunty of Silabus and Gaspard's unnamed guild (them being the only members). Sila Grunty has a rather morbid personality, frightening Gaspard to no end and causing Gaspard to question Silabus's true personality. Later, Sila Grunty redeems himself by protecting Gaspard from the beast-type stalker, Tanu, but is still far to creepy for Gaspard to bare. He was likely deleted when Silabus and Gaspard left the guild for Canard.

Sila Grunty was recreated to managed the @HOME after Silabus was given the title of Guildmaster by Kuhn, replacing Kuhn's Grunty. After Silabus handed over control of the guild to Haseo, Sila Grunty was succeeded by Death Grunty.



Silabus and his grunty