This article is about Signs, a phenomenon in The World R:2. If you are looking for the anime series, please see .hack//SIGN.

Atoli activating the Sign at Morrigu Barrow Wall.

"That's... Tri-Edge's Sign!!"
— Haseo —

A Sign (サイン) is a three-edged marking found in Lost Grounds and various areas in The World R:2. They are the namesake of Tri-Edge, who uses them as a system of transportation and leaves them at the location of his victims. They were named "Signs" by Tawaraya, and have been on occasion activated by other players, such as Atoli and Haseo. Evidence would suggest that all three Azure Knights are capable of using them. The rumors about Tri-Edge and the Signs spurred Piros the 3rd, a graphics designer for the game, into a crusade against Tri-Edge, believing that he is responsible for defacing Piros's top-notch graphics work. By using Data Seeds gathered from AIDA, it is possible to use Sign Hacking to transport to connected locations. The sign become apart of Kite's Cross Rengeki instead of Ovan's. When Ovan is free form AIDA he began to make his own sign in his Cross Rengeki.

List of Areas with Signs


  • In .hack//G.U.+, a sign can be found on each of the PKed bodies of Tri-Edge's victims.
  • Briona Gwydion the Dragonbein Range is the only area with two signs.