"Anyway, ever since Shinya invited me to play, I've been hooked!"
— Kazu —

Siesta is a Blademaster. A close friend and classmate of Fumikazu Hayami in the real world, he was the one responsible for getting him hooked on The World.


Akira Hayami learns about Siesta by reading Fumikazu's "Diary of The World." Siesta's player, Shinya Sasahara, is a close friend of Fumikazu Hayami. He is the one that urged Fumikazu to start playing The World, and he later told him about the Descendants of Fianna. Fumikazu wrote that Shinya's decision to name his character "Siesta" (Spanish for "nap") was likely due to him being a "lamebrain."

Siesta was with Kazu when they first met Haru while adventuring in a field. The two nearly died in the same area.

Shinya once gave Kazu the keywords to an "unusual area," but when Kazu went there to check it out it was completely empty.

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