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Character Profile
Name Shamrock
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Shadow Warlock
Guild Yata Mirror
Personal Data
Name Reiko Saeki (佐伯令子)
Age 31-32
Gender Female
Media Information
English Actor Stephanie Young
Character Voice Sanae Kobayashi
First Appearance .hack//Quantum

Shamrock (シャムロック, Shamurokku) is a character in .hack//Quantum. Guildmaster of the adventurer's guild Yata Mirror. With her members she embarks on the legendary quest "The One Sin."



Shamrock's appearance is a younger and diminutive version of Aina's in the gothic-lolita fashion but her ribbon color, shoe, and dress design are somewhat altered.


Basic Info

Reiko Saeki (佐伯令子) is the half sister of Jun Bansyoya and the player behind Pi and Ender seven years earlier.


She is very business like and serious but is also caring for those she is close too.



Shamrock is present during the One Sin event with her guild members but when Sakuya interfers with their combat she is forced to flee. Afterwards, Asta and IYOTEN put a reward for Sakuya without Shamrock´s permission, causing a big fight that ends when all PC´s are transported to a tree with cages.



  • Despite Tarvos being attached to Pi, Shamrock can still use data-drain, which she uses to save Asumi's PC from the infected Eri.
  • The character was specifically made by Reiko to appear inconspicuous, and allow her to gather the data she needed without seeming suspicious.
  • Shamrock was also the name of a Net Slum inhabitant in "The World" R:2.