Schutzherr: Regen, Donna, and Eruption.

Schutzherr (シュッツヘル) are a team of monster Guardians from .hack//Link. Reaching the end of five blocks of a dungeon yet to be revealed, groups will have to face a Schutzherr.


A creature that appears as a female, with a helmet with giant wings, a giant thorn-like ring surrounding it's body, and spikes for feet. Regen is possibly a spell caster.


A monster that looks identical to an angel. It wields a large sword, wears a halo of thorns, has enormous hands, and has shoulder-like spikes that look like wings.


A giant gollum with size and strength as it's greatest weapon. It's fists are massive, it has halos on both shoulders, and unfathomable strength.

Puchi Guardian

After defeating the Schutzherr, a miniature Guardian will appear to heal the party and bestow favors and bonuses.



  • Schutzherr is German for "patron." Regen means "rain."
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