""There was a time once when Ryuuji worked on the research influenced by Jyotarou Amagi's proposed Real Digitization ideology. The VR-Scanner was produced as a byproduct in this process. By using an optical sensor to connect the optic nerve and performing an operation on the “Schicksal Player-character”, medical technology recovers the mentally afflicted part of the test subject with high compatibility for the digital world.""
— Ryuuji Sogabe —


Schicksal PC (シックザールPC) are a specialized PC used by Schicksal, controlled through the use of a VR:Scanner able to match the characteristics of the user in an electronic space. It was originally used by Flugel as a medical treatment for patients experiencing mental trauma. Although to a much lesser degree the operation of these PC feed digital information as mild sensations back to the real world and in the most dire of situations the effects they can have on the body are temporarily similar to what individuals might experience through Soul Digitalize or becoming Lost Ones, and are also similar to what has occurred with previous characters such as Tsukasa and Sora during the Morganna Incident and victims of the AIDA Server Incident such as Haseo, Atoli, Kuhn, Pi, etc. The Schicksal PCs were created as a by product of Jotarou Amagi's proposed Real Digitization ideology. Through use of the VR: Scanner each Schicksal PC and their abilities are also created via the users mental structure and are designed specific to whatever mental affliction the user is attempting to overcome.

During the events of Bullet in 2023, Yuri Seto, who was working for CC. Corp San Diego, stole a VR:Scanner and began to use a Schicksal PC named Drain while spreading a new strain of Deadly Flash.


  1. Ryuji Sogabe: Flügel
  2. Nomura Kaname: Metronom
  3. Lilie Weiss: Cello
  4. Koharu Nene: Klarinette
  5. Ninomiya Takeshi: Orgel
  6. Yoda Maseo: Posaune
  7. Toramaru Shin: Trommel
  8. Yuri Kaczynski Seto: Drain
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