Schicksal (シックザール) is an organization of hackers in The World R:X. They have extraordinary PCs and are the main antagonists in .hack//Link. They take orders from an unknown individual and collect the Chrono Cores. Schicksal was hired by CC Corp and are opposed by the Twilight Knights. In .hack//G.U. Trilogy a mysterious man Pi speaks to mentions the organization. Their character's are modified but according to Metronome, the alteration takes time, and isn't under the complete control of the users.


All members of Schicksal have been revealed to have an assigned number. The importance of these ranks are currently unknown.

  1. Fluegel (Leader)
  2. Metronome
  3. Cello
  4. Klarinette
  5. Orgel
  6. Posaune
  7. Trommel
  8. Geist


  • "Schicksal" is German for "Destiny."
  • The names of all members of Schicksal, with the exception of Geist, are musical instruments in German language.