Schicksal (シックザール) is an elite organization in The World R:X, all with extraordinary PCs. They take orders from an unknown individual and collect the Chrono Cores. They are opposed by the Twilight Knights. A mysterious man Pi speaks to in .hack//G.U. Trilogy mentions the organization.


The members of Schicksal each have an assigned member number, but only some of these are known. Unknown numbers are represented by a bullet, and there is no significance to the order of these unnumbered names.
  1. Fluegel (Leader)
  2. Metronome
  3. Cello
  4. Orgel
  5. Klarinette
  6. Posaune
  7. Trommel
  8. Geist


  • "Schicksal" is German for "Destiny."
  • The names of all members of Schicksal, with the exception of Geist, are musical instruments in German language.