Character Profile
Name Salu
Gender Male
Class Blademaster
Japanese Voice ?
English Voice ?
First Appearance .hack//SIGN
Name ?
Age ?
Gender ?

"As a Knight I faithfully served Justice. But now... what am I to do now!? Lady Subaru!!"
— Salu —

Salu (サルー) is a member of the Crimson Knights and is one of the players under the authority of Silver Knight. He served loyally as a Knight until the Guild was dissolved by Subaru. Following the disbanding of the Guild he approached Subaru, asking what he was supposed to do without his job as a Knight. Subaru told him that he should find and serve his own sense of Justice, rather than following one created by another. What became of him afterwards is unknown.

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  • In the original draft of the screenplay, Salu's name was "Zojerk", one of Michiko Yokote's cats.
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