Sakuya (サクヤ, Sakuya) is one of the three main characters in .hack//Quantum.



Sakuya is a female version of Kite's avatar, with matching orange short shorts, beret and a belly shirt, minus the underclothes. She wears her hair in long pigtails.


Because she tends to act without thinking when overcome by curiosity, Sakuya often causes trouble for those around her. She also has a habit of picking up anything she finds, which can lead to further mayhem.


Basic Info

Aida Asumi (相田亜澄, Asumi Aida) is a female high school student living in Aomori Prefecture. She has a bright and optimistic personality.



Asumi is a bright, cheerful girl, and was attracted to The World. After meeting Tobias and convincing her friend Eri to join, the trio began hunting rare items. After a quest to the lair of the One Sin, Asumi finds an unknown item. Triggering a trap that ruined Shamrock's guild plans, Asta and Iyoten put out a wanted sign for her and attempted to PK her and used hacked items. This backfired on them, and Asumi's PC was saved by Hermit. After Hermit was PK'ed, the area shifted into a eerie graveyard like forest, and multiple people were PK'ed and infected, including Eri. Later, the item was revealed to be a list of PK'ed people, and their personal information --- after a brief hacking by Shamrock on the item, Asumi's personal information was displayed, and her haplotype (a genetic code for matching donors) was revealed to be the same as what Hermit was looking for. Unable to think or react properly. Mac Anu was attacked by an enraged Hermit, the root town transforming into the graveyard like area, infected monsters pouring through. She was then confronted by Eri's body, which was is trapped in the game. Shamrock, after realizing that Data Drain wouldn't work, decided to PK everyone in the area to prevent them from being infected.

"Can I win? I hope I can win."
— Sakuya —


Basic Info


Versus: The World Players

Aida Asumi

While discussing the event of .hack//Quantum, Aida Asumi' makes a cameo appearance on the BBS for Versus: The World.

Kakeru Tanaka

Kakeru Tanaka(田中翔) is a very serious person and prefers playing in a secluded spot under a tree near a riverbank because he hates going home whenever his parents are around. Tanaka is responsible for introducing Sora to The World. Tanaka becomes a Lost One, but later it is discovered that he possesses abilities unique among players of Versus The World. He was able to resist being Real digitalized by the game, exhibiting powers somewhat opposite to a Doubleware, while displaying the same crest. When the chip containing Aura is lost in America, Tanaka has dreams that lead him to it. The full extent of his inherent abilites are unknown.



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