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Character Profile
  • Saika
  • Panzer Saika
Gender Female
Race Human
  • Hacked PC (Manga)
  • Holo-body PC (Game)
  • Special PC (Game)
Guild N/A
Personal Data
Name Saika Amagi
Age 14
Gender Female
Media Information
English Actor N/A
Character Voice 小清水 亜美 (Ami Koshimizu)
First Appearance .hack//LINK: Twilight Knights

"The Chrono Cores are mine!"
— Panzer Saika —

Saika Amagi (天城彩花, Amagi Saika) is the main character in .hack//Link: Twilight Knights and .hack//Link, she partnered up with Tokio Kuryuu as a part of her main goal to hunt Chrono Core.



Panzer Saika (PANZER 彩花) appear as a young girl who has a long black hair that is to chest length, a gray eyes, thin body, and medium height which resemblance to her real-life appearance. She sports an outfit loosely based on German Military Uniform, during the battle, she dons goggles and wields a large cannon.

Although, her character data became unusable in Access 11.


While Saika looks only been described by Tokio due to her popularity as a student in Tokio’s high school, her true personality personality revealed following his transfer into The World R:X, that became unexpected shocked that came from him about her. She’s imperious, rough, demanding and more straightforward, she always ordering Tokio around like a Slave and her goal to obtain the Chrono Core became her first priority without a second thought to think about situation that other been through.

In second half, however, Saika became softened a little bit, somehow less than she was in the first half. But, even though she still as she was before, she slowly cared and worried about him whenever somethings comes bad happened to him. And following Aura been infected by Brainwashed Virus that were came from Tokio's body, and been deceived by Geist for using her through emails, she developed a guilt and feeling responsible for what she did to Tokio.

She’s very determined and unhesitant trying to save her brother, Jyotaro Amagi in any means necessary, she even trusting an instruction that were came from an email that was sent by under the name of “J” which she thought it was sent from her brother, shockingly turns out that Geist was the one who sent that email, resulting how she being deceived by him.

Saika secretly developed feelings toward him, without Tokio’s notice and AIKA was the only one who aware about her feelings. For example, when Tokio given her a coupon, she blushed and flustered by his kindness, only she got him electrified due to how she still insecure about her feelings, but truth on her inside as it’s stated by AIKA, she was happy and cherished the coupon that he gave her. The other thing is how she even wished to see Tokio following taking a bath and got dressed in Towel, even though how she treated him like she did, it really shows her feelings toward her. Although, when anyone and even Fluegel tease her relationship with Tokio, reluctant to admit it, she told them that she and Tokio are just happened to be in Grand Whale.

For AIKA, Saika become much more like a sister figure to her and when it comes for Tokio suddenly made AIKA crying, she would extremely mad toward him for how he did to AIKA, showing how Saika became very protective for her, especially how they’ve been together since 2 years as AIKA lived inside Saika’s mind. But her sacrifice to restore Aura, caused a great loss to Saika, especially of how she felt guilt to not just Tokio, but AIKA for what she did.


Basic Info

Saika Amagi (天城彩花) is a mysterious transfer student. She wears a hair pens and her school uniform, her looks is much resemblance to the princess in Tokio’s dream resulting his mistakenly thought that she was a princess from his dream. She became popular in Tokio’s Junior High School due to her excellent in both studies and sports, along with her great personality. Tokio is hopelessly infatuated with her, though he keeps it a closely guarded secret, that’s until her true personality shown following his transported into The World R:X.

It is revealed that Saika is a cousin and adoptive sister to the genius programmer, Jyotaro Amagi who’ve been disappeared during the fire incident at CC Corp at 2015 which is five years ago prior to the game event. She spent her time searching information to find him, following receiving emails from sender whom identified as her brother under the name “J”. That become a reason for Saika to transferred into Tokio’s Junior High School and transported him to The World R:X using a Black Copy Disc and using him to hunt Chrono Core in order to reach to the top of Akashic Records and saving her brother,

She share her PC Body and Mind with AIKA and she considered her as Saika’s younger sister.




In 2012, Saika Amagi as a 6-years old child lost her mother, Ayaka Amagi due to disease, while her father was already passed away before she was even born. She attended her mother’s funeral, with her brother, Jyotaro Amagi, they stood up in front of funeral and mourned for their loss. Afterwards, she and Jyotaro lived in care by adoptive parents following the death of her mother, however, two years later, he left Saika to work with CC Corp much how she felt betrayed by her brother for abandoned her. She spent a year felt alone and shunned her adoptive parents away from her.

Until one day, her perception toward him changed, after the fire broke out in CC Corp in 2015, with her brother’s gone missing following that incident. However, the media officially conclude that the Outbreak Fire in CC Corp is just another “Accident”, while also declaring her brother being technically died by that fire. After hearing the news, she locked up in her room for more than 10 hours, her vengeance and distrust toward CC Corp grew, she believed that the company are basically covered up the incident and the reason of her brother’s disappearance, she swear to uncover CC Corp’s plot behind the incident, especially about her brother.

Few days later, the email start came to her, shocked that the message she received came from her brother, under the letter name “J”, told her that he lived amongst 0’s and 1’s, asking her to find him and help him, because of this, she start her own investigation about “The World” and CC Corp by following the instruction message that were came several times a year.

In 2018, as she spent her time to continue investigation along with acquired hacking skills to hack the server, she begin to analyze the data of Closed Beta Game, Akashic Line which was her brother's test program. During her investigation, she made a first contact with AIKA, an Artificial Intelligence of AIDA and also a former event NPC created by Jyotaro Amagi which was used for his test program. Ever since the day Saika met her, she grew fond of her, begin to treating AIKA as her younger sister, while she believed that AIKA holds the key and clue of information about Jyotaro Amagi. Saika begin to let AIKA live inside her mind and continue her search for her brother.

In 2019, goes through her full year, she continued her time to finding information about CC Corp, The World and her brother. During her investigation, she discovered a submarine data, Grand Whale in Akashic Line, and later after, she sometimes colliding with Schicksal and almost fight against them, but she successfully escaped. Saika once again received an email, regarding about the boy named Tokio Kuryuu who became successfully Real Digitalized into Akashic Line by Amagi's test program. he asking her to find him and gave her a Black Disc.

In hope this could be her last chance to finding her brother, she arranged her meeting with Tokio by becoming a transfer student to his classroom in 2020.



Saika first appeared as a Transfer student to Tokio’s classroom, while she introduce herself to the classmate, Tokio suddenly stood up from his chair seat and shocked for her resemblance look with the “princess” from his dream. Saika invites Tokio to the rooftop and she order him to become hero and takes out a P-COM to use a mysterious black disc dated 2019.12.24 by JxxxxAmagi to transfer Tokio into The World R:X.

Saika came into The World R:X via PC Hologram to clarify situation. As following her entrance, Saika shows her true personality to Tokio much how he became very shocked with how different she was in the school, and furthermore, she made Tokio to become her slave. She explained to Tokio that he is currently in a custom PC created by her to protect his real body which is stored in the game as a data and at the time because of CC Corp. Saika continues to make clear that in order to restore Kite and gain her cooperation Tokio must chase after the Chrono Cores located in the Akashic Records which can be resurrect the Twilight Knights, whom similar to Kite remain as stone statues in Mac Anu.

As Saika and Tokio reached to the Fountain of Memory, inside Akashic Records Tower, Tokio lack of courage to advance himself and she uses an electrocution program to force Tokio the Sea of Memories which is a zone that connected to the Akashic Records

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Saika did not appeared in Bullet, however, she was mentioned a few times. Following the Immortal Dusk incident three years ago, she still making contact with Tokio even after that and still maintaining close toward each other. Furthermore, Tokio mentioned of how he dreamed about The World’s in Danger, but he didn’t just dreaming about AIKA, but Saika as well, much how Ryuji continue teasing him about his feelings and relationship with her.


.hack//LINK: Twilight Knights

Depressed after his failure to obtain a copy of The World R:X, Tokio's salvation came in the form of a mysterious exchange student named Saika Amagi. Due to her resemblance to the Princess from his dreams Tokio became infatuated with her, but with her superior skills at athletics and schoolwork considered her as out of his league until she suddenly invited him to meet her on the school's roof. When he arrived Saika handed Tokio a special copy of The World R:X, and then used it to teleport him into the game itself.


  • Saika's name was read "Ayaka" in the serialization of the first chapter of .hack//LINK, and also on some material on the CyberConnect2 promoting that release.
  • Jyotaro Amagi is Saika Amagi's cousin, and adoptive "brother."