Character Profile
Name Rumor
Gender Male
Class Wavemaster
Media Information
First Appearance .hack//Rumor

"There are two types of players in The World: those who like it, and those who don't. Eventually, both kinds quit, only those who don't like it quit a lot sooner than those who do."
— Rumor —

Rumor is a main character in .hack//AI buster 2's .hack//Rumor chapter. He is a wandering AI and web poet in The World



Rumor appears as a small boy dressed in colorful blue robes. He has a small teardrop shaped tattoo on his left cheek and carries a very high level Wavemaster staff. By most accounts he appears to be a normal Wavemaster, displaying no hints of his actual form as an A.I. His robes are decorated with waves.


Rumor loves The World and everything in it. But he especially loves collecting and passing on the various legends and rumors that circulate The World, the legend of the .hackers in particular. He has the odd tendency to speak in the third person giving him a rather eccentric personality. Though he appears to be a Wavemaster, this is likely just a disguise he has adopted to blend in with players.

Rumor in the Rena Special Pack.



Rumor saves Brigit and converses with her. He tells her about the different aspects of The World and its players, speaking of such things as the difference between player levels and character levels, and how there are two types of players: those who love the game and those who don't.

Most importantly, he tells her of the story about the legendary party known as the .hackers who solved The World's Last Puzzle. He says that those who want to be heroes should want to be a .hacker.


  • In the original Japanese version, Rumor speaks in 3rd person, to the effect of "Rumor says..." and "Rumor has it..." but this was lost in translation by Tokyopop.
  • Rumor makes a cameo appearance with Hokuto near the end of the 3rd volume of the Legend of the Twilight manga.
  • The chapter .hack//Rumor was originally released with the Rena Special Pack