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.hack//G.U. Returner is a single-episode OVA offered to Japanese fans who completed all three .hack//G.U. Games, featuring characters from the .hack//G.U. Games and .hack//Roots. It can be thought of as the Unison of .hack Conglomerate.



Atoli with AIDA Chim Chim

The characters receive an email from Ovan requesting them to go to Δ Hidden Forbidden Festival where a mysterious summer festival is set up. There they encounter an AIDA Chim Chim who wishes to peacefully co-exist with the players of The World. It then transforms into the word "Returner", which Haseo assumes it to mean that Ovan will return to The World. At the end of the episode, Ovan is reunited with Aina.

Ovan's Report

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  • In Japan, DVDs of Returner were shipped to fans who bought all three games, just as GIFT was.