Haseo performing a Rengeki.

Rengeki (連撃), Japanese for "combo attack", is a type of special attack in The World R:2. After breaking the opponent's defenses through a series of combo attacks, purple and black rings will surround the opponent, during which a player can perform a Rengeki by activating one of their combat skills. This doubles damage done by the attacker for the duration of the skill and also increases the experience gained at the end of the fight (a Rengeki bonus). Physical damage-based classes with higher attack speeds and lower attack power, such as Tribal Grappler and Twin Blade, have an easier time achieving Rengeki through their speed, while slower classes such as Edge Punisher may need extra help despite the fewer number of hits they require. Dual Gunner usually has the easiest time with combos, but is offset by the fact that it takes a large number of regular attacks before a Rengeki opportunity arises. The magic-based classes Harvest Cleric and Shadow Warlock have the hardest time inducing Rengeki and often need to fall back on their spells for help in order to do so, though the Macabre Dancer class lacks this weakness. Rengeki is achieved based on the number of hits delivered and what weapons and skills contributed rather than damage dealt, much like Protect Break in the original games, but unlike Protect Break, Rengeki will only become available after a regular attack. Skills can contribute to inducing Rengeki, but cannot activate the rings. Certain weapon modifications allow any class to perform Rengeki after much less than the usual number of regular attacks, but these same modifications don't affect skills.

In the Arena, Hangeki (反撃), or counterattacks, can also be performed by a party leader using the Skill Trigger to counter an opponent's skill. Hangeki gives no damage bonus, but adds to the user's party's Morale and subtracts from the enemy party's Morale no matter the target hit, whether it be the enemy leader, an enemy ally, or even the attacker's own ally if one or the other is Confused or Charmed. Hangeki is mistakenly called Rengeki in the American version of the first volume, with the word "Counterattack!" displayed underneath, but Hangeki written in Japanese in the background. The same error is made in the American versions of the latter two volumes as well, though the voiceover in those volumes is corrected. The visuals and sound are corrected to use the correct Hangeki graphics and sound in the Windows version of this game.

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Cross Rengeki (クロスレンゲキ) or X Rengeki is a special attack in .hack//Link. Tokio and his partner perform a combined attack on an enemy. Depending on the relationship with his partner, various bonuses can be triggered.