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The Rena Special Pack, also known as .Hack// Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu Rena Special pack, only obtainable in Japan, and was an extra package of the Legend of the Twilight Manga. It included a Rena Figurine, a keychain of Hotaru's Grunty, and a bonus booklet with special manga chapters, information on Rena, a quiz, and .hack//Rumor.


A sport running overtime makes Shugo run several hours late in meeting Rena in The World. Shugo tells Rena he is too tired to play and the two get in a little fight. Still logged in and upset with Shugo, Rena runs into her friend Hokuto. Hokuto questions Rena's mood, to which she replies that feels like she and Shugo don't spend enough time with each other anymore. Hokuto tells Rena that they will probably go their own ways in life, and that's why it's important to cherish the time they have with each other now. Feeling sorry for her attitude towards Shugo, Rena decides to email him and apologize. Before she can send her email, she receives one from Shugo, apologizing for how he acted towards her.

There is an extra story included which pokes fun at the many times Shugo loses his tooth. In the story, Shugo once again loses his tooth, prompting Mireille to use a rare item, a dentist set, which includes all the bells and whistles of a scary dentist chair (drills, etc.), and nurse outfits. Shugo is terrified of the drill, but in the end, feels better. Inspired by the situation, Balmung decides that all the administrators should wear doctor outfits.