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Real Digitalize (リアルデジタライズ) is a technology taking advantage of unique phenomena allowing a human to physically enter a virtual space. Where a mobile device such as a P-COM emits a specific wavelength of light capable of transforming matter into light, and then receive this as data, where in which a digitalized human has no need for food or sleep, and will not get sick or age. With additional research at Psychopathology und das Forschungsinstitut der virtuellen Wirklichkelt leading into the development of the Schicksal PC, the special PC that allowing users to access the game and experience it as it were apart of their environment based upon on the far limits and alternative turns of the concept.

Ordinarily, the technology is best only used on a special kind of human carrying a specific genetic sequence known as a Double Ware but was also later planned for further use under Immortal Dusk through the management of the Ultimate AI Aura. Extended Real Digitalization leads to Outer Dependency Syndrome, which can result in brainwave irregularities, and eventually total loss of form and diffusion across the virtual space.

Characters who have experienced real digitalization include:

Minor Characters Include

  • Niizato
  • Various Users of P-COM Technology
  • The Various Users of Versus: The World