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"Raven, it is a Guild made for people with powers like us..."
— Pi —

Raven (レイヴン) is a mysterious guild led by Yata. The small guild is in fact just cover for the secret group known as "G.U.".



The Serpent of Lore

Their @Home houses the administrator area known as the "Serpent of Lore." It is probably named that because of the serpent biting its own tail at the end of the hall, thus Gate of Uroboros. The @HOME's service is short-lived, however, and when Mac Anu becomes unstable due to interference from Cubia, G.U. is forced to abandon base and Yata transfers the Serpent to Net Slum Tartarga.


Raven's Grunty is Wise Grunty.



Following the dissolution of TaN, Yata and Pi resumed their work as System Administrators. While searching the systems of The World for anomalies they came across Kuhn, who had recently awoken his Epitaph. Realizing that they needed a way to bring all the Epitaph Users together, Yata formed Raven as a front. He had Pi contact Kuhn and explain the situation to him. Realizing how dangerous The World R:2 had become, Kuhn left his role as Guildmaster of Canard and became the first recruit of Raven. Soon Haseo's Epitaph awoke as well and Yata began preparations for inviting him into the guild too.

.hack//G.U. Games

Realizing that Haseo's Avatar would soon awaken, Yata ordered Pi to make contact with him. Unfortunately G.U.'s first attempt at bringing Haseo into their circle failed. Luckily Kuhn had greater success after he saved Haseo and Atoli from an AIDA, allowing Haseo to see his Avatar. Kuhn explained that Haseo could use an Avatar as well, and invited him to the Guild. Curious Haseo agreed, and soon made a deal with Yata. He would offer his services as an Epitaph User in exchange for information about Tri-Edge.


After Haseo's defeat at the hands of Tri-Edge, his unconscious PC body was retrieved by Yata and taken to Raven's @Home. Upon awaking, Yata explained the current situation to him and invited him to join the guild. Though Haseo refused his initial offer, he eventually decided to throw in his lot with Raven and joined up with Yata, Pi, and Kuhn in their hunt for AIDA. Unlike in the video games, The Serpent of Lore in G.U.+ has a special chamber where the bodies of Lost Ones, such as Shino, are kept.


  • The snake biting its own tail at the head of the Serpent of Lore is an Uroboros, a creature from mythology compairable to the Phoenix . The creature represents the cycle of life and, through that idea, eternal life.
    • The Uroboros symbol used in the Serpent of Lore is based on a carving of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl at the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Xochicalco, Mexico.
  • "The Serpent of Lore" is perhaps in reference to the Serpent Jormungandr of Norse legend, who encircled the world, and guarded Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. He is often depicted as an ouroboros.