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Character Profile
Name Raid
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Edge Punisher
Guild Moon Tree
Name ??
Age ??
Gender ??
Media Information
English Actor NA
Character Voice NA
First Appearance .hack//GnU

"Ahh... looks like I'm gonna die again"
— Raid —

Raid (レイド, Reido) is the main character of the GnU manga.



Raid is a tall and lanky young man with light brown hair. He wears a lavishly decorated outfit colored in earthen tones. His outfit seems to be very similar to Kuhn's.


Raid is a fairly laid back person, although he is regularly annoyed by the antics of his guildmates. He has a severe infatuation with Infini.


Basic Info



He is a newbie in The World R:2 who sells all of his equipment to buy Broad Maiden, a powerful sword. Unfortunately for him this weapon attracts the attention of a group of PKers, who kill him and steal the weapon from him, leaving him dead, penniless, and without any equipment at all.

He is rescued by the Moon Tree guild, and quickly finds himself dragged along on adventures with several of their members.


  • Raid makes a cameo in GU Vol.2 on a Crimson VS. General Card, Raid of the New Punishers.