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Disc containing the Amagi's R.A. Program

The "Restore Aura" Plan was the strategy the programmer Jyotaro Amagi devised.

The plan was supposed to restore Aura through reconstructing Morganna under the control of CC employees. Through Project G.U., the remnants of the 8 Phases' data (also known as the "elements of Morganna") were recovered and incorporated into special characters known as Epitaph-PCs. These PCs were then to be used by scouted candidates with Amagi's R.A. Program in order to bring back Aura under CC Corp's control, but something went horribly wrong. Most of The World's data was lost instantly, and all 7 Epitaph-PC players fell into comas. Amagi, who was using a "Dummy Program" to replace Tarvos (which had been stolen by Jun Bansyoya), fell into a state of delirium and set fire to the CC Corp Japan Building.