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== List of chapters ==
== List of chapters ==
* [[Chapter 1]]
* [ Chapter 1]
* [[Chapter 2]]
* [[Chapter 2]]
* [[Chapter 3]]
* [[Chapter 3]]

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.hack//QUANTUM I (introduction) is a prequel to .hack//Quantum composed of 5 chapters.


Introduction narates the first time Sakuya logs into The World R:X and her involvement with a guild who for some reason are after her Chim-Chim Pin. Tobias ends ups getting tangled up with her and teaching her how to play the game. Eventualy they are joined by Mary.

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  • Zelkova and Kaede (or at least, two look-alikes) appear briefly.
  • The Spring of Myst appears.
  • The Dark Tree from the .hack//Quantum OVA appears.
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