"I'll be out of town for a few days... so while I'm gone, can you look after my Grunty?"
— Puchi —

Puchi is a Blademaster that made her first appearance in the .hack//SIGN episode Epitaph.



Puchi is a Blademaster with long brown hair, a collar, armored pants, and a green top. Aside from color differences she is almost identical to Rachel.


Puchi likes to play the game for fun, and doesn't want to have any responsibilites in it. Unfortunately she also likes raising Grunties, which leads to trouble. Not willing to put forth the effort that raising a Grunty takes she usually buys a baby Grunty, then dumps it on somebody else when it gets too tough to raise it. The poor Grunty usually dies shortly afterwards due to sicknesses it got while under Puchi's care.


Nothing is known about Puchi in the real world.



Puchi approaches Tsukasa and asks him to take care of her baby Grunty while she goes on a vacation in the real world. Tsukasa accepts but quickly realizes that the Grunty has contracted some sort of disease. Though he nearly kills himself to get the cure he arrives too late, and the Grunty dies. Puchi returns soon after and blames him for murdering her Grunty, causing Mimiru to spring to his defense. Though the death of the Grunty depresses Tsukasa, who blames himself for its death, the event deepens his friendship with Mimiru.

.hack//Legend of the Twilight (anime)


Puchi in the Legend of the Twilight anime

Puchi shows up late at night at the Delta Server and asks Hotaru to take care of her Grunty because she is going on a trip. While she was gone, her Grunty fell ill, and Hotaru had Shugo accompany her to Δ Blazing Purgatory Valley to get the Phoenix Feather, an item meant to cure the Grunty sickness. When she returned, the Grunty did not want to return to her. It is then revealed that she did not care for it because it's just a game, and later gets beat up by Ouka, Rena, and Mireille for her behavior.


HACK-Puchi 2.0

Puchi's .hack//ENEMY card

  • The Grunty Girl shown in Legend of the Twilight may not be Puchi from SIGN because of their different reactions and voices, though because of their shared character design they are thought to be the same character.
  • Puchi's name is never mentioned in either SIGN or Legend of the Twilight where she was referred to as "Grunty Girl" ("Female Blademaster" in the original script and credits), but her name was revealed by her .hack//Enemy Card. However, the class is wrong, since Puchi's character model is the same as Rachel's. The name "Puchi" is likely short for "Puchiguso" which was the original Japanese name for Grunties, and how canonical it is unknown.
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