"It's tough to just sit and wait."

Promise is the eighth episode of .hack//SIGN.


The episode begins with Mimiru sending a message to Tsukasa in Dun Loireag. BT tells her that Tsukasa isn't the type of person to come out just because someone calls him, but Mimiru stands firm and believes he will come. BT unexpectedly tells her that she hopes Tsukasa will understand Mimiru's feelings. Unbeknonst to her, Tsukasa is dead set against meeting with her.

Mimiru's plan is simply to wait for Tsukasa, as that is all she is capable of. Despite the simplicity of her plan, Bear believes it is the best course of action, as it is nearly impossible to find Tsukasa, especially if he has a hiding place only he has access to.

Others have their own way of finding Tsukasa. Bear is still searching for him in the real world. Sora travels from field to field, threatening other players for information. Subaru is unable to do anything, as her interest in Tsukasa conflicts with the interests of the Crimson Knights. BT meets with Crim for the first time to discuss the whole ordeal.

Mimiru is still waiting for Tsukasa when Sora arrives. Mimiru's waiting has become a popular topic on the BBS, and Sora claims that the attention will only discourage Tsukasa from coming. Nevertheless, Mimiru remains, and Sora decides to wait for him as well. Meanwhile, BT succeeds in forming an alliance with Crim, who is excited about searching for the Key of the Twilight that had eluded him before.

Bored, Sora decides he can't wait any longer and leaves, but not before telling Mimiru that she still owes Tsukasa a favor. Tsukasa, certain that Mimiru would not have waited him for so long, finally decides to go to the meeting place. Amazingly, Mimiru is there waiting for him. Mimiru tells Tsukasa that she is willing to protect him and that since she decided to do it, she will do so no matter what. Not expecting such a strong-willed answer, Tsukasa tells Mimiru that she can do whatever she wants, apparently his way of accepting her.

The episode ends with the voice claiming to be Tsukasa's mother taking delight in knowing that what hope Tsukasa has gained will only serve to bring further despair unto him.

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