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Project G.U. is Piros the 3rd's graphic design guild. The only condition for joining, is that all guild members must be able to draw.


Piros the 3rd made an anonymous post on the BBS challenging Tri-Edge to a duel at the Hulle Granz Cathedral, signing it as "Project G.U. Leader". When Haseo arrives, believing the post was made by Yata, Piros the 3rd accuses Haseo of being Tri-Edge. After Haseo proves he isn't, Piros the 3rd expresses his rage at the presence of Tri-Edge's Sign on the altar, angry that his precious graphics had been destroyed. After some confusion over the guild name, Piros the 3rd gives Haseo his Member Address, declaring Haseo his partner in hunting Tri-Edge down.

Notable Members


  • Project G.U. stands for "Graphics Umai" (Good at Graphics) in the Japanese version, and "Graphics Unbelievable" in the English version. The guild's name is a parody of the many meanings of the acronym "G.U.".
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