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"Yay, a hunter! Now my PK count has surpassed a thousand! My goal now is to reach 10,000! I'm going to go on a killing spree!"
— Pokotan —

Pokotan (ぽこたん) is a Chaotic PK with the title Magical Pokotan.



Pokotan, despite playing as a human, wears paws on her hands and feet that are white at the end and turn purple as they get closer to her body. She has light colored eyes and light purple hair worn in pigtails. She wears a short brown dress and a matching top hat.


Pokotan loves to PK, treating it less as a status symbol and more as a hobby or pastime. She has little remorse for her victims. She is confident in her abilities, leading her to count Haseo and his party in her PK count before actually seeing if she could beat them.


Basic Info

Masumi Hori (堀真澄) is a 23-year-old female in Tokyo, and is a member of a theater troupe.



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Haseo and his party were supposed to top her out at a thousand player-kills, but she was thwarted.


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