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"This is what happens when technology fails us..."
Kaoru Asaba

Pluto Again (冥王再来), also known as the Twilight Incident (黄昏事件), The Cursed Wave Incident (禍々しき波事件), and Morganna Incident (モルガナ事件) to CC Corp or the Second Network Crisis (第二次ネットワーククライシス) to others, is the media term for the disasters that occurred during the .hack games.

The incident involved a massive blackout and system shutdown at Yokohama, multiple coma victims from The World, and various other system malfunctions in other parts of Japan, including a blackout at Nizato University Hospital, where Yasuhiko was hospitalized.

The Twilight Incident was caused by the malfunctioning Morganna System but was eventually resolved by Kite's party and resulted in the death and rebirth of Aura, the Ultimate AI. Despite being hospitalized for the majority of the incident, the man held responsible by the company was Kazushi Watarai, who was forced to resign.

Instances of Pluto Again

Case 1: The Proliferation of Coma Victims

Case 2: Tokyo-Yokohama Network Overload

Case 3: Online Stock Exchange Chaos

Case 4: Train Control System Malfunction

Case 5: Large-Scale Blackout in Saiba

Case 6: Medical Hazards

Case 7: Full Network Downtime

Case 8: Fire at Minato Mirai 21

An instance where almost all of the computers in the port district of Yokohama crashed at once. Similar to Pluto's Kiss, which had occurred five years earlier, the Yokohama incident caused a great deal of damage to the docks area when traffic lights, security systems, and other computer run systems began malfunctioning. Several characters, including Yuki Aihara, Kaoru Asaba, Junichiro Tokuoka, and the father of Akira Hayami found themselves caught up in the confusion.