Pluto's Kiss

Pluto's Kiss (冥王の口づけ) is a catastrophic event that took place on December 24, 2005. On that day, all computers connected to the Internet crashed simultaneously around the globe. Additionally, all networked computer and communication network control systems were shut down, resulting in numerous traffic accidents and disasters.

In the United States, the automatic retaliatory systems malfunctioned, in a short time reaching a point of crisis. 77 minutes later, the global network was able to recover itself from the incident, but the resulting chaos caused the United States' nuclear defense and automated counter-strike systems to be armed.

It was later discovered that the virus creator was a ten-year-old elementary school student, living in Los Angeles, California, called Warren Brock.

The incident was so damaging that United States President, Jim Stonecold, later resigned from office in January 2006 after taking full responsibility for the incident.

Ever since then, ALTIMIT OS has been the only major operating system in the world; this is credited to its remarkable stability.

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