A Player Character, sometimes called an "Avatar" (アバター, Abataa), is a user's character in The World. Player Characters, or PCs, rely on input from the user, differentiating them from monsters, NPCs, and Vagrant AIs. Unlike the other three, PCs are able to equip armor and weapons, fully interact with other PCs, use the Chaos Gates to move to other areas, and have a Class, though, Mia and a few other Vagrant AIs are exceptions. PCs vary between versions of The World, and in The World R:2 PCs also have a Race, in addition to Class.

The World

In The World, PCs are usually static, with a set apparence that cannot be changed except by editing the character, until a feature in Legend of the Twilight is added where players can change their clothes. Clothes can be torn from battle damage, weapons can be changed, and special items can change the appearance like Balmung's wings, Mia's love potion, and Kite's Book of the Twilight. Subaru does on one occasion change her appearance, but how this was done is unknown.

The World R:2

In the World R:2, PCs are slightly easier to change. As in later versions of R:1, PCs can use items that will alter the appearance of their character, such as Cashmere and Wool's makeover, or the visors for the Paw Pad Squadron. The Adept Rogue class in particular changes it's appearance as the player completes certain required tasks to upgrade their PC.

The World R:X