"Therefore, those who wish for happiness must have a dream. That is why dreams are as important as the entire universe."
— Piros the 3rd —

Piros the 3rd (ぴろし3) is a character in the .hack//G.U. Games, and is also another PC made by the player behind Piros.



Though he retains the heavily armored look his old avatar had, Piros the 3rd is clad in golden armor this time, and adds red sunglasses to boot, making him look even more ridiculous than his character in The World.


Piros takes on an over the top superhero-like persona, always trying to keep his "true identity" a mystery, and having a penchant for using flashy poses when speaking, and going into (while with good intentions) long winded, meandering speeches. He also cares very deeply about graphical programming, with Tri-Edge's defacing of his own work being his main motivating factor in hunting him down.


Basic Info

In the real world Piros the 3rd is a 39-year-old man named Hiroshi Matsuyama. A graphical designer for CyberConnect Corporation, he helped design the graphics for The World and was promoted to the leader of the graphical team for The World R:2. A married man, he has a one-year old son.


Project .hack

See Piros

.hack//G.U. Games

Piros has a vendetta against Tri-Edge, the mysterious PK, since he keeps leaving his distictive mark all over Piros's beautiful graphics. He mistakes Haseo for Tri-Edge, after Haseo goes to the area Piros posted on the Community Forum. However after Haseo explains the mistake in identity, he recognizes him as a fellow hunter of Tri-Edge and decides to form an alliance. Piros helps Haseo by alerting him whenever a new Sign appears in The World, and also plans an unsuccessful trap designed to capture Tri-Edge at Morrigu Barrow Wall.

He is the leader of the guild "Project G.U." (English: Graphics Unbelievable; Japanese: Graphics Umai, meaning "Good at Graphics").

In Vol.3, he fends off Cubia Gomoras along with Silabus,Gaspard, and Antares.


  • The vocals in Piros the 3rd's theme song are done by Hiroshi Matsuyama, Piros the 3rd's namesake and president of CyberConnect2.
  • Piros is apparently the host of a show called "Tell me Piros the 3rd!" Though the details about it are unknown.
  • Piros the 3rd is about 6'6" (198 cm) in height.
  • He refers to Haseo as "he of fair eyes", the same as what he called Kite. (In the Japanese version, however, he calls him yoki me wo shita hito, or "ye of fine eyes", which is a variation of what he called Kite.) For reasons unknown, in Redemption, during cutscenes with Piros the 3rd, he'll call Haseo "you with the good eyes."
  • Piros the 3rd is the only Lord Partizan to join Haseo's party.
  • Piros the 3rd's starting weapon is called Golden Spear, a rare level 15 weapon.

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