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Character Profile
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Grappler
Guild Raven
Twilight Knights
Personal Data
Name Reiko Saeki
Age 24
Gender Female
Media Information
English Actor N/A
Character Voice Sanae Kobayashi (小林沙苗)
First Appearance .hack//Link



Pi is a female avatar with a pair of small glasses, long pink hair and a red leather outfit that travels down her legs. Her appearance in LINK carry numerous minor alterations to her design. Most notable are her pigtails, which are much larger, and not only are completely loose as opposed to being tied at the tips, but the tips themselves transition from pink to blond. Her small necktie is replaced with a red bow tie. The wave symbols on her body are missing as well. Some other alterations are found in her hair decorations.


Offline Virtual

Basic Info

Reiko Saeki (佐伯令子) is woman residing in Tokyo. During 2016, she suddenly quit her job as a programmer to work at CC Corp. She is the person behind Pi, Ender and is the younger sister of lead programmer and A.I. psychologist Jun Bansyoya. After the restart of Project G.U. Pi began working for Genius to protect Yata from changes within the Akashic Records.


G.U. Trilogy

Later within A.D. 2017 inside the Akashic Records during the events of G.U. Trilogy, Pi while secretly working alongside Genius, infiltrates and serves as a member of G.U. a guild under Yata dedicated to the investigation of the AIDA phenomenon happening within the game, once more. After observing Haseo's battle with Tri Edge, a mysterious PK thought linked to AIDA she along with the other members of the organization Yata and Kuhn introduce Haseo to the Serpent of Lore where they explain to Haseo about the existence of Epitaph Users and their ability to summon beings known Avatars, a power strong enough to combat Tri Edge.

And as Haseo willing to do whatever it takes to get this power then follows. G.U. in the inter medium Pi along with Yata observes as Haseo continues to grow as a person, as he attempt to awaken to his Epitaph while also watching as he later meets the love of his life Atoli, another unawaken epitaph user, whose existence ironically actually jeopardizes Haseo's connection to Skeith as she calms the rage in his heart norn from the loss of his previous romance Shino of whom Tri Edge is rumored to have PK'ed and worrying Pi, who is also secrectly interested in Haseo's abilities about how at this rate he may never awaken as an Epitaph User, which Yata would then correct by explaining how if that were ever possible That Man would step in instead. 

Sure enough later on sometime after Haseo gets in an argument with Atoli, the young Harvest Cleric finds her way to The Terrance at Isle of Kings Hy Brasail where she would then end up being approached by That Very Same Man, Ovan, an old friend of Haseo, whom, separate from G.U. has also been secretly watching everyone's growth as well and takes advantage of the situation.

And with Atoli looking for a way to get Haseo to look at her again, Ovan, for his own purposes tells Atoli about Haseo's previous attachments to Shino and explains that, if she wants Haseo to pay more attention to her, she can find a way to help Haseo, in an area in Outer Space, just beyond Morrigu Barrow Wall  and also causing her to also disappear from the Serpent of Lore and subsequently The World itself.

Following up on the abnormality Pi and Yata use the system to track her last whereabouts to Morrigu Barrow Wall and after confirming her disappearance from the area recruit the remaining members of G.U. to investigate.

Once there the party Pi, Kuhn, and Haseo then travel through a Sign, a type of warp gate left by the mysterious Tri Edge Haseo to The Other Side of Morrigu Barrow Wall located in Outer Space where they arrive to find Atoli attempting to open a set of coin lockers in an effort to find a way to impress Haseo, who after hearing what she has to say starts to realize Atoli's feeling for him, but before any addition conversation is made the party are instead forced into a confrontation with Azure Flame Kite also known as Tri Edge, whom suddenly appear in the area as apart of his autonomous pursuit of AIDA, and as Haseo's presence then interferences with that pursuit drags the party down into Avatar Space where Azure Knight then transforms into the Guardian Deity of Azure Flames.

Faced with his nemesis once more this causes Haseo to finally begin awakening as an Epitaph User who from there then begins to transform into his Avatar Skeith, while Pi understanding everything convinces that is about to occur convinces Kuhn and Atoli to gate back to Outer Space, for their safety.

After the battle Haseo once again reaches out to talk to Atoli however, the lockers behind her open and a series AIDA arms pierce Atoli's body instead causing her to fall in a coma. Quick to respond the party then mitigate the situation by swiftly rushing Atoli's PC back to the Serpent of Lore where with help from Yata they discover her PC data is now falling apart as a result.

Realizing that this has may cause a more devastating outcome to her player than it appears. Yata proposes Haseo connect his PC data Atoli in order to enter her mind and save her consciousness before it's too late. Haseo agrees. And from there Pi and Yata use the Serpent of Lore to connect Haseo to enter Atoli's Inner World, causing him to enter a similar stasis.

During the process however unknown individual, Ovan, begins hacking the serpent of lore and as Haseo enters deeper into Atoli's Inner World and eventually her memories, the two suddenly surrounded by several black bubbles and as Yata orders Pi to place a tracer on them, the two are then subsequently abducted by AIDA.

From there as Haseo continues to attempt to free Atoli from inside her inner world Pi and Kuhn eventually manage to track the couple PC to the Inverted City Megan Fi where unexpectedly upon their arrival  they are attacked by Ovan, the actual Tri Edge and the one controlling AIDA and are subsequently defeated.

Then much later on however after Haseo rescues from Atoli's own darkness. The two return to The World whereas Haseo emerges to find Ovan alongside the severed bodies of Pi and Kuhn and is soon to discover who after unlocking the seal on his arm PK's Atoli revealing him as the one behind everything and after allowing Haseo to wallow in his despair the leaves for to The Creator's Room as he invites Haseo to try and defeat him, whom after transforming into his B-st Form and being defeated once and returns in his Xth Form after conformed by Atoli's Spirit from inside his own Inner World and engages his opponent in one final battle, each activating their respective Avatar's as well and ending with Ovan guiding Haseo into activating The Rebirth, which he uses to reset the network, returning all the Lost Ones, including Shino, Pi, Kuhn, Atoli and, his little sister Ain with which as Ovan explains to he had manipulated everyone in order to save, before ultimately falling into a coma himself and being subsequently warped back to Megan Fi with everyone else.

However, with Ovan's Marty this leads Haseo grieve his lost instead, leaving Atoli who has recovered from her status as a Lost One to activate her Avatar Innis and giving Haseo Wing's to go and recover Ovan's PC.

Haseo dives into Center of the System and after brief struggle with the consciousness, spirit of The World Aura, Haseo manages to pull Ovan from his self guilt saving him falling in coma as well placing an end to the situation with months later after Haseo reconciles his relationship with Shino and decides to  continue his romantic relationship Atoli instead and Ovan reunites with Aina in Flowery Field somewhere in game.

Finally beyond that with the incident now pass then, everything ends as it secretly began. Pi now reappearing at her computer as her offline persona Reiko Saeki finishes her report with unknown individual, Genius, President of CC Corp, aka Durga Fida Sharma and her employer with whom Reiko Saeki of The Akashic Records had been closely monitoring the situation as thus far, and after Genius going on to surmise/guesses that the will of heaven, the general outcome of the timeline, cannot be really denied, before then instructing Reiko, as she places down a special VR Scanner to pass the bar to, the ferrymen, Schicksal, an organization of hackers partially responsible for the deviation of the record in the first place, whom from that point there on move into their remaining plans to capture the current Aura of their own world circa A.D. 2019 - 2020, while Pi, within a different location within the Akasha Board would then thereon continue to work under Genius thereafter, and leading into the events of A.D. 2020.:

Reiko (Pi): "The menace has been dealt with. The situation is as predicted." ???: "I suppose it's not possible to resist the will of Heaven." ??? : "What are the people of Schicksal up to?" Reiko (Pi): "They have already moved on to the next phase." ???: "Give the oar to the ferryman." Reiko (Pi): "I'll do as you say." ???: "Gather at Acheron, oh, Prisoners of Charon."


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